Starry Night Skoolie ✨

Skoolie Vacation Rental

Tiny house school bus
hosted by Billimarie

4 guests Β· 2 beds Β· 1 bath

Hosted by Billimarie
Best Stargazing In Los Angeles

Gaze up at an endless starry night sky.

Less crowded than Joshua Tree with a better starry night view, you can see:

  • ✨ The Big Dipper
  • ✨ The Little Dipper
  • ✨ The Alignment of the Planets
  • ✨ Polaris (The North Star)
  • ✨ The Milky Way
  • ✨ Pleiades (The Seven Sisters)
  • ✨ Orion
  • ✨ And much, much more!

What's the Vibe?

The Starry Night Skoolie is our warm, bohemian tiny home. It sits parked on a fenced 10-acre desert garden & camp site.

Our cute tiny home has a very warm, loving, & inviting feel.

We curated our air conditioned skoolie to attract couples, nature lovers, families, & explorers looking for a homey retreat in the desert.

People say it feels a lot like staying at a friend’s awesome clubhouse in the middle of nowhere.

Because of this, our unique tiny house is one of the best kept secrets in the desert.

Our property is a small spiritual sanctuary dedicated to cultivating the land. Besides hosting visitors on the Starry Night Skoolie, we plant trees, water the garden, and strive to grow this land into a healing oasis. By booking a stay on the skoolie, you are supporting a greener world for future generations.

100% of your booking goes towards cultivating, maintaining, and watering our desert garden. You can help us reach 40,000 trees in 10 years by booking a stay! 🌲

  • βœ… 100% Solar Powered
  • βœ… 1 Full Bamboo Mattress
  • βœ… 1 Full Foldable Mattress
  • βœ… 5G WiFi
  • βœ… Shower
  • βœ… Sink
  • ❌ Hot Water (under construction)
  • βœ… Hammock
  • βœ… Picnic Table
  • βœ… Toilet (bucket system)
  • βœ… Air Conditioning
  • βœ… Kitchen (camper stove, convection oven, hot plate, pots, pans, tea kettle, dishes, utensils, mini fridge, microwave, coffee, tea, oils, spices…and a fully stocked pantry with goods that have been left behind by GENEROUS guests like you ❀️)
Kids Planting Trees in the Desert. Afforestation Nonprofit in Los Angeles County Homeschooling Homesteading Skoolie Vacation Rental Shortterm Airbnb

Book an Experience to make your stay memorable.

We host family-friendly workshops, activities, and memorable experiences:


Plant A Tree


Garden Chores


Desert Dog Rescue


Chicken Chores


Stargazing Audio Tour


Astrophotography Portraits


Stargazing Meditation & Soundbath

Reserve extra supplies so you don't have to stop at a store:

  • βœ… Firewood
  • βœ… Metal Fire Pit
  • βœ… Propane Heater
  • βœ… Portable Generator
  • βœ… 6-Person Tent
  • βœ… 2-Person Tent
  • βœ… Outdoor Shower Bag

Enjoy walking around all 10 acres of land. You/'ll see all the different tree, shrub, wildflower, and plant varieties we are cultivating and hope to one day grow into a sustainable garden.

Bring your special someone for a romantic candlelight dinner underneath the stars.

Lay down in the hammock and watch the magnificent starry sky reveal itself. Catch the biggest comets and meteors of your life.

On summer nights, you can even fall asleep in the hammock and wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the eastern mountain range.

Invite your friends for a bonfire and hammock party.

Enjoy quality time with your family and play games inside the bus.

You can even come by yourself to reconnect, rejuvinate, and replenish your mental, physical, and spiritual health with a self-care stay in nature.

The Starry Night Skoolie is perfect for a special one-night evening...but guests who stay longer often tune into the slow, healing rhythm of the desert by the second day.

  • Sattleback Butte State Park: Water, Hiking, climbing, picnic, camping, restrooms.

  • Butte Valley Wildflower Sanctuary: Water, Wildlife, hiking, socializing, theater, swimming, classes, fitness, restrooms.

  • Native American Museum

  • Infamous 'Kill Bill' Church
Incredible mountain range views in Los Angeles County. Angeles Forest Starry Night Skoolie Vacation Rental Shortterm Airbnb

Mountainous vacation views. Peaceful desert skies. Incredible sunsets and sunrises.

This land is located just over the mountain butte range. In the distance, you can still see the snowy mountains of the Angeles forest, majestic and beautiful. There are mountain ranges to the east, west, and south. The north boasts the best starry night sky.

It is normally extremely silent, but on occasion you will hear a distant gas generator, a faraway rave, someone shooting fireworks/guns, or a very low airplane.

You will be able to see clear skies, panoramic mountains in the distance, and pure desert horizons without any main roads, buildings, or city obstructions.

Our land is a stargazers' paradise.

Lizards, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, moths, butterflies, bees, birds (especially crows), chipmunks, ants, and mice have visited our garden.

At night, desert insects--no mosquitoes or roaches!--will be attracted to the lights. If you do not like bugs, make sure to turn off all the lights. This includes candles, headlamps, and the solar lights. You can also set aside a large light away from the skoolie, so that the insects will be attracted to it instead of to the bus.

There is an owl that has taken residency in a nearby joshua tree. We've seen its long white wingspan at night.

We rescue stray dogs who are dumped in the area. During your visit, we round up our dogs and take them for an overnight stay in the city 🐢

Early in the morning, you can hear the roadrunner calling from a nearby joshua tree.

We have also seen/heard a rattlesnake, a scorpion, and a baby coyote. Please Note: It is currently rattlesnake season. Contrary to popular belief, rattlesnakes will not bite you if you leave them alone. Most bites occur because people decide to fight rattlesnakes or accidentally step too close. You can easily avoid this by listening for the familiar rattlesnake warning--it sounds like a soft ringing bell, not a rattle--and avoiding that area of the garden entirely.

For a 100% private experience (no tent campers, tours, or visitors), please book the Premium Skoolie.

The property is enclosed within a wire fence, and there is a locked farm gate at the entrance. It feels very quiet because we are hidden by a slight hill that conceals us from the only street; this means people driving through the desert will not be able to see you.

We have security cameras located on the fencing of the property, as well as one near the door of the bus. We will cut the feed to make sure that you maintain 100% of your privacy. The front gate camera must stay on at all times. You will be charged a fee if you cut this feed.

We cannot promise that you will have the property to yourself, since there might be tent campers who have booked the other side of the land. For a 100% private experience (no tent campers, tours, or visitors), please book the Premium Skoolie.

Tiny House School Bus Kitchen Living Room Interior

Where You'll Sleep

  • 1 Full Bamboo Mattress
  • Extra: 1 Full Foldable Mattress

During the day, the bed leans against the wall so that you have ample room to move around on the skoolie.

At night, bring the bed down onto the floor for a roomy sleeping arrangement.

What The Skoolie Offers


Campfires allowed
Firepit, communal, private. You can reserve firewood and a metal fire pit as an "extra."


Toilet available
Pit toilet, composting toilet. There is an indoor composting toilet and an outdoor pit. Number One can be done on the trees. For Number Two, throw in sawdust after you're done.


Pets allowed
Off leash, on leash. Pets are allowed on the bus. Please let us know ASAP if your pet has an accident, so we can properly sanitize the area after your stay.


Potable water available
Tap, bottled water or jugs. 10 gallons of potable water in a pitcher as well as a small water tank.


Shower available
Cold water only. Low water pressure to conserve water.


Bins available
Compost pit outside of the bus by the fence. Trash bin next to the bus. Toilet paper bin by the toilet.


Full Kitchen
Private, oven, stovetop or hot plate, fridge, freezer, cooking utensils, dishware, cutlery, basic seasoning and oils, sink or other dishwashing station. Private kitchen inside the bus. Guests can also use the picnic table outside the bus to prepare food. There is a camper stove, convection oven, two hotplates, a small refrigerator with a freezer. Tea kettle, coffee (moka pot), rice cooker, pots and pans. There are utensils, mugs, plates, and bowls for you to use, as well.


Picnic table available
A large picnic table on the side of the bus.


WiFi available; password is located inside guidebook.

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check-In.

  • Check-In after 2pm
  • Check-Out before 2pm
  • 4 guests max (book a campsite to host more guests)
  • Ahisma: Strive to do no harm to the creatures of the desert. They are part of the ecosystem, just like us.

Where You'll Be

Near Saddleback Butte in Antelope Valley, California, United States

Antelope Valley

⭐️ 100% on All Reviews

Hipcamp Profile Picture
Dana on Hipcamp

February 2024

Perfect, Unique Off-The-Grid Escape

We can't express how thankful we were to Billimarie the host for welcoming us into the magical space she has created. The Starry Night Skoolie was the perfect place to get off the grid to celebrate our sons 5th B-day! The amenities she included made the trip especially pleasant. It was so special for our son to be able to plant a tree in honor of his 5th Birthday! We can't wait to come back to see how his mulberry tree is growing as he continues to grow along side of it!

Airbnb Profile Picture
Nancy on Airbnb

October 2023

Toddler Slept Like A Log!

Billimarie had such a lovely place. It is a nice private getaway from the city. We had everything we needed there. She communicated with us to ensure we had a comfortable stay and was always responsive if we had any questions. Her Skoolie had so many books and the bamboo mattress was so warm and comfortable that my toddler wouldn't wake up. Thank you for being such a great host!

Hipcamp Profile Picture
Nikie on Hipcamp

August 2023

Skoolie with our Kids

We loved the skoolie. The environment (especially the starry night sky) was magnificent. Our kids (6 & 3) played around and had the time of their life. The skoolie has everything you need in it. The place was easy to find as we received a very clear description before our arrival. We did not meet Billimarie, but the contact with her was flawless and very very friendly. Wifi at the place was super fast!

Hipcamp Profile Picture
Lyhn on Hipcamp

May 2023

Fun Night Under the Stars

We had such a fun day, I wish we could have stayed longer! Billimarie was very easy to communicate with, she was very prompt. The bus has all the essentials you might need. Bed was super comfy. It was also nice to see my tween unplug and learn essential tools such as building a fire and my city raised dog loved running freely, she didn't know what to make of it at first! And the stars were bright! I will say the time we went was windy, but it finally died down around 10 pm and was not windy the next morning. I really enjoyed that the cute school bus was completely self sufficient and eco conscious. It proved to me we can and should be more mindful of our footprint. I am looking forward to coming back and seeing this eclectic rental grow. Thank you again, Billimarie

Hipcamp Profile Picture
Giselle on Hipcamp

May 2023

Fun Night Under the Stars

The Skoolie was a fun place to glamp. It had all the convinience we needed, a working kitchen, comfortable mattress, and clean bathroom. But what stood out was two things: 1. The host: Billimarie is a kind and thoughtful host. We came after a loss of a friend & she left us a heartfelt card and ancient grains to spread to honor our friend. 2 The place itself: it is the space we needed for what our intentions were for the weekend, a place in nature to rest & rejuvinate with peace and quiet. We got to enjoy watching the sunrise, sunset & watch the beautiful sky filled with stars. Thank you for hosting us. Til the next time.

Hipcamp Logo

Kristin on Hipcamp

Unique Family Memory

Our family loved staying on the Starry Night Skoolie! Billimarie was such a wonderful host, going to lengths to communicate with us and ensure everything was set up to make our stay a great one. The kids absolutely loved exploring the bud and the property, and we're so glad we were able to experience an amazing night of stars there, too!

Hipcamp Logo

Justin on Hipcamp


This was a wonderful stay for me. Peaceful & quiet with amazing views of the stars and mountains in the distance. Billimarie was a stellar host who was accommodating, friendly and unbelievably quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns. I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable at her skoolie! The bus itself had everything I needed and more. I would 100% recommend this spot to anyone trying to escape the city. I will most certainly be returning and look forward to it.

Thank you Billimarie, I'm very satisfied with my stay. It was everything I could ask for!!!

Hipcamp Logo

Jemma on Hipcamp

Truly a Starry Night at the Skoolie

My boyfriend and I spent our anniversary weekend at the skoolie and we're so glad to have found this listing because we absolutely loved our time here, albeit too short. Billimarie's hospitality was above and beyond and you can tell how compassionate she is about the skoolie and the land. Everything was so neat and cozy - we wished we could've stayed longer! We took our kitties with us, and they both already felt like home so we highly recommend the skoolie for other cat parents with adventurous felines. We also had the chance to play with puppies they're currently fostering, which was a cute way to end our trip. Lastly, don't forget to look up at the stars. Luckily, we had a clear night sky and were able to look up at the stars.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely plan on coming back in the future. Thanks for making our first Hipcamp experience one to remember!

Hipcamp Logo

Tiffany on Hipcamp

Starry Night Skoolie Review

Our family of 4 (with our 7yo and 3yo) had so much fun sleeping in Billimarie's amazing skoolie - there were so many amazing details and fun touches, like a pink typewriter, a propane stove in the kitchen drawer, and decor that told stories. Billimarie was camping with her mother and daughter on the property and it was wonderful experiencing their generous hospitality, eating together, roasting marshmallows and watching the kids play with each other while Billimarie and her mother cared for their rescue dogs. Billimarie was a responsive and friendly host, and it was incredible to hear her story and vision for the land to reforest it. My son even got to help plant a new tree among the young olives and pines (one even had sprouted a pinecone! In the desert!). Thanks for the memories!

Airbnb Logo

Ro on Airbnb

Starry Night Skoolie Review

I LOVE the trees planted everywhere. I wish every Airbnb place did something as thoughtful as this host has. A++

Great spot to unplug from everything and just relax. The locals seem nice even though it's in a remote area.

Kitchen in bus is nice, great shelves for food that pull out, strings of lights everywhere!! Wood floors throughout, and lots of windows to sit and ponder out into the desert. While it doesn't have every modern amenity, it has loads of peaceful solitude. I woke up in the mornings unusually relaxed, and really enjoyed the desert sunrise.

The location isn't more than 15 minutes away from a gas station with a great selection of all the basics, and a great little Mexican food restaurant with great dinners and DESSERTS! If you drive 30 minutes you have malls, and every restaurant you could think of. Barnes and Nobles, Jamba Juice, Boba Tea, Yoga, Gyms, Sprouts market, Target, etc.

This is a cozy, farm style stay, with LOTS of charm, and great wifi!

Excellent Host!!

Hosted by Billimarie

Your Host: Billimarie

During Your Stay: Expect to receive friendly hospitality and borderline over-communication. Billimarie prefers in-person greetings but it is not necessary or required. Available 24/7 to answer questions about the local towns, activity recommendations, and favorite restaurants.

Responsiveness: Extremely Fast. Expect a response within a few minutes.

  • Smoke Alarm
  • Doorbell Security Camera turned off upon check-in
  • Front Gate Security Camera stays on 24/7

  • Hard Surfaces: Super Sani-Cloth Sanitizing Wipes (#1 brand of germicidal wipes in healthcare; kills 32 microorganisms)
  • Laundry: sheets, blankets, pillow covers cleaned after every guest
  • Dishes: washed and dried after every guest
$140 night